Bread Science: the Chemistry and Craft of Making Bread  (August, 2006)

BreadScienceCoverFrontBread Science is a practical guide to bread-making that explores both the steps of the process (such as mixing dough, using preferments and sourdough starter, shaping, and baking) and the science behind it. The science is presented in detail but in language suitable for non-scientists. With over 250 photos and drawings, references, a bibliography, a glossary, and an index, Bread Science makes bread-making approachable and fun. This book is a complement to any bread recipe book and a must for the home baker.

“A number of excellent bread books have been published in recent years that offer bits and pieces of the science that underlies the craft, but none that focus specifically on that science. Emily Buehler has brought bread science and technique together for us in an easy to comprehend manual, based on her work and study at one of America’s finest artisan bakeries. This book will be an important addition to every bread lover’s library, whether professional or serious home baker.”     —Peter Reinhart, author, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice

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Somewhere and Nowhere  (April, 2017)

book coverIt’s Eat Pray Love meets Wild, on bikes.

BikeIndianaOne summer in her late twenties, Emily and her friend Mary rode their bicycles from Cape May, New Jersey to Oceanside, Oregon. In three months on the road, they battled 14% grade hills, tornado-force winds, and 110 degree heat. They were sheltered and fed by everyone from nuns to cowboys. They swam in the Missouri River, climbed the Rocky Mountains, and crossed the Continental Divide — three times. And eventually, they reached the Pacific.

Emily left on the trip in the hope of finding peace and happiness away from the clutter of life, a permanent solution to depression that she could bring home with her. With nothing to do but ride her bike all day, out under the open sky, life would be simpler… or would it?

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Intelligence (working title)

cityhall-newyork-public-domainIt’s my first fiction story! I have a first draft and am hoping to get back to rewriting soon. I haven’t perfected my elevator pitch, but here goes:

Except for the knowledge pins, the future is much like today. Of course, there are more people, fewer jobs, and few who can afford to drive a car, but the People’s Party has been elected and life isn’t so bad. Debra works in the mildly dysfunctional office of a plastics manufacturing company, scanning news feeds and working up the courage to talk to the new guy in the mail room. She’d be content if it weren’t for her sleazy manager. The trouble is, if she quits, the company will repossess her knowledge pins, taking back everything she’s learned in the past seven years. But when her boss’s behavior crosses the line, she’s forced to act.

Debra ventures into the underground world of illegal knowledge downloads, hoping to find a way to pursue her dream of freelancing. Soon she’s meeting with revolutionaries, spying on (or possibly dating) the owner’s son, and sneaking through the city with the mail guy. It could end in freedom. Or arrest. Or love. Or heartbreak. The only way to find out is to keep going.