I’ve started a blog about food and chemistry. It’s somewhat defunct, but I haven’t given up entirely. Visit it here: foodchemblog.com.


I’ve had two guest blog posts at Scientific American:

I originally wrote “Enzymes, the Little Molecules That Could” for Peter Reinhart’s book, Peter Reinhart’s Whole Grain Breads: New Techniques, Extraordinary Flavor. Other bakers around the country wrote essays as well. Unfortunately, the publisher cut the essays from the final book, so I posted mine online (PDF here). A slightly adjusted version appeared at Scientific American in September, 2012, under the title “Enzymes, the Little Molecules that Bake Bread.”

My second post, “Salt: Defender of the Carotenoids,” began as an answer to a reader’s question: how does salt protect carotenoids in bread dough from oxidation? I thought the answer was straightforward, but it turned out I was oh-so-wrong. Read the whole saga here.

I’ve enjoyed being a “guest reviewer” for books at American Scientist magazine. You can read my reviews on their website. (Links here.)

I’ve also written articles for the now-defunct Carrboro Citizen and Backwoods Home Magazine.

Farmer Profiles

I interview farmers and other food producers and write profiles of them at my job at the co-op. Here are some of my favorites – most of the photos are mine as well.

Carolina Heritage Vineyard and Winery – North Carolina’s only organic winery
Hillsborough Cheese Company – making cheese about three miles from my house
Latta’s Family Farm – local egg producer
Lil’ Farm – this farm’s slogan is “Never Whack”
Perry-winkle Farm – long-time Chapel Hill farmers
Tempeh Girl – making tempeh with NC soybeans
TS Designs – “from dirt to shirt” their tees are made in NC; photos of the NC cotton harvest are posted here
Whitted Bowers Fruit Farm – famous for their organic pick-your-own strawberries

Finally, here are the guest blog posts I’ve written for the Campbell Folk School blog:

I take drawing class with Pebbie Mott, May 2016
Magic meets science in bread-making, May 2015
Learning to take risks in teaching and in bread-making, May 2014
I take a white line print-making class with Sandy Webster, January 2014
I take an intro guitar class with Rick Taylor, November 2011
Teaching my bread class during a snowy week in January, 2011

ScienceOnline 2014 ePub

I spent much of my spring in 2014 creating an ePub of the proceedings from ScienceOnline Together 2014. It was more like organizing than writing, but there’s nowhere else to include it. You can download it here: . (And it’s free!)