Blog Posts

food-chem-blog-vertical-smallerFood Chem Blog: This is my blog about food and chemistry. As of 2017, it’s somewhat defunct, but I haven’t given up entirely. Visit it here:

The Kitchn: I have a series of articles on sourdough on The Kitchn in October 2017. The first post in the series (not by me) is here. My posts are the following:

  1. You Say Starter, I Say Levain (that was the original title, anyway)
  2. More soon!

Scientific American: I’ve had two guest blog posts here.

  • I originally wrote “Enzymes, the Little Molecules That Could” for Peter Reinhart’s book, Peter Reinhart’s Whole Grain Breads: New Techniques, Extraordinary Flavor. Other bakers around the country wrote essays as well. Unfortunately, the publisher cut the essays from the final book, so I posted mine online (PDF here). A slightly adjusted version appeared at Scientific American in September, 2012, under the title “Enzymes, the Little Molecules that Bake Bread.”
  • My second post, “Salt: Defender of the Carotenoids,” began as an answer to a reader’s question: how does salt protect carotenoids in bread dough from oxidation? I thought the answer was straightforward, but it turned out I was oh-so-wrong. Read the whole saga here.

American Scientist: I’ve been a “guest reviewer” for books. You can read my reviews on their website. (Links here.)

Campbell Folk School: Here are the guest blog posts I have written about teaching, taking classes, and more.