Meticulous, dedicated, caring: I edit with attention to both correctness and clarity while preserving the author’s voice. Even a polished manuscript can benefit from an edit by a fresh set of eyes. I’ll find any errors and make the text easier to read. With me, you’ll receive kind but honest comments on your work. (I’m a writer, too, so I know what it’s like to get feedback!)

I began my editing career with a focus on academic papers and science research reports, including papers in English by ESL authors. My background in science (a PhD in chemistry) helps me avoid inadvertently changing the meaning of sentences. Having a manuscript edited removes one potential barrier to getting it published, giving it a greater chance of “getting in the door.” Read more.

I also work with fiction authors to prepare their stories for readers, whether via submission to agents or self-publishing. While I’m still building my portfolio of fiction projects, I’m happy to offer a sample edit to show what I can do. Read more.

I’m always looking to form new partnerships. I have found that every project is different and will work with a client to meet his or her needs.

Read more at my editing business website, http://www.emilyeditorial.com.