HeartBaguettesDoneFrench Bread with Poolish

This is a recipe for the most basic French bread, made with a poolish to increase flavor. PDF here.

Heart-Shaped Baguettes

Turning a regular baguette into a heart is easy. Learn how.

Simple Sourdough Starter

This recipe is to create a sourdough starter from scratch. It differs slightly from the recipe in Bread Science. It is posted on the Two Blue Books website here.

Sourdough Starter and Bread

This is a recipe for feeding a sourdough starter and for sourdough bread. Not all starters have the same consistency; if you got a sample of starter from me, however, this is the recipe you need. (If you want to get a sample of starter from me and you live nearby Hillsborough, let me know.) PDF here.

witch-fingers-finalEnglish Muffins with Sourdough Starter

This is a great recipe to use when you feed your sourdough starter; the starter you “throw out” when feeding is the perfect amount to make a batch! These muffins work even if your starter is not 100% active. PDF here. Watch a video of me making them, on the Two Blue Books website, here.

Shortbread Witch Fingers

Here’s how to make creepy finger cookies for Halloween. Bonus: Banana Ghosts! Recipe here.

Mrs. Dansereau’s Cheese Ball

A Christmas classic in the Buehler family. Recipe here.