Other Blog Posts

In addition to the blog on this website, I used to write a food science blog, and I’ve written many guest posts.

food-chem-blog-vertical-smallerFood Chem Blog: This is my blog about food and chemistry. As of 2017, it’s somewhat defunct, but I haven’t given up entirely. Visit it here: foodchemblog.com.

The Kitchn: I have a series of articles on sourdough on The Kitchn. The first post in the series (not by me) is here. You can see all the posts, in order, using the links at the bottom of the posts. My posts are the following:

  1. You Say Starter, I Say Levain (that was the original title, anyway)
  2. Debunking the 10 Myths of Sourdough
  3. Lazy Person’s Guide to Starter… coming soon, I hope!
  4. Mixing by Machine or by Hand
  5. Places to Proof
  6. Tools
  7. When Is Bread Proofed
  8. Best Way to Score
  9. When Is Bread Done Baking

Note: Many of these articles were never posted; I don’t know why.

Scientific American: I’ve had two guest blog posts here.

  • I originally wrote “Enzymes, the Little Molecules That Could” for Peter Reinhart’s book, Peter Reinhart’s Whole Grain Breads: New Techniques, Extraordinary Flavor. Other bakers around the country wrote essays as well. Unfortunately, the publisher cut the essays from the final book, so I posted mine online (PDF here). A slightly adjusted version appeared at Scientific American in September, 2012, under the title “Enzymes, the Little Molecules that Bake Bread.”
  • My second post, “Salt: Defender of the Carotenoids,” began as an answer to a reader’s question: how does salt protect carotenoids in bread dough from oxidation? I thought the answer was straightforward, but it turned out I was oh-so-wrong. Read the whole saga here.

American Scientist: I’ve been a “guest reviewer” for books. You can read my reviews on their website. (Links here.)

Campbell Folk School: Here are some of the guest blog posts I have written about teaching, taking classes, and more.