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Bread Science

Bread Science: The Chemistry and Craft of Making Bread (2006) covers the science of baking and includes step-by-step instructions for making bread and pitfalls to avoid. Peter Reinhart, author of The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, said, “This book will be an important addition to every bread lover’s library, whether professional or serious home baker.” Francisco Migoya, Head Chef of Modernist Cuisine and co-author of Modernist Bread, said, “I find Emily’s book to be just about perfect in scope, quality of information, and know-how on the science of bread…. This book needs to be on the shelf for every bread enthusiast that wants to know how things work.” More details and links to buy the book are at the Two Blue Books website.

The book Somewhere & Nowhere on 2 devices and a paperback, showing a person bicycling on a road with trees and mountains in back

Somewhere & Nowhere

Somewhere and Nowhere (2017) is a memoir of my cross-country bicycle trip. It’s the adventure of Wild, the contemplation of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and the neuroses of Eat, Pray, Love, all on a shoestring budget… and bicycles. Ragini Elizabeth Michaels, author of Unflappable – Six Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, And Peaceful No Matter What, describes the book as “An enjoyable and worthy read for anyone interested in living a more balanced and happy life.” More details and links to buy the book are at the Two Blue Books website.

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Blog archive

All my old blog posts about news, writing, editing, and self-publishing are archived here.

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Food Chem Blog

My no longer active food chemistry blog is still available here.

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How-to guides

My how-to guides for self-publishing (layout in InDesign, creating an ebook, and the publishing process) are here.

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Guest posts

Guest blog posts and articles I have written (mostly about science or the Folk School) are listed here.

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Fiction writing

I write fiction using my middle name, Jane. Visit janebuehler.com for information about my novels and to subscribe to my fiction mailing list.