For the Archives

I’m simplifying my website today (September 18, 2017), and I’m removing links to articles and other work that just seems too old. I decided to create this back-dated blog post to archive the material.

Farmer Profiles

I interview farmers and other food producers and write profiles of them at my job at the co-op. Here are some of my favorites – most of the photos are mine as well.

Miscellaneous Articles

I’ve also written articles for the now-defunct Carrboro Citizen and Backwoods Home Magazine:

ScienceOnline 2014 ePub

I spent much of my spring in 2014 creating an ePub of the proceedings from ScienceOnline Together 2014. You can download it here: (It’s free!)


With my job at the co-op, I make videos about farmers and food producers using Adobe Premiere Pro. You can watch them all on the co-op’s Youtube channel:

It has been a learning process, but I’m slowly getting them down to three minutes or less! Recently, I’ve been experimenting with using music in the videos, for example, in this one of Stoney Mountain Farm ( The music is appealing but it also distances the viewer from the subject, which I find interesting.

Originally, the videos were a way to share with the viewer what I experienced, as in this one about Beth May, aka Tempeh Girl (

This one is my friend Josh making macaroons (

This last one is for people who just like watching chickens (