Throwback Thursday

While revamping this site, I came across this fun stuff; it was posted on my original website, ten years ago.

The Bread Baker’s Blessing

May the dough rise to meet you,
May the cloud of flour be always at your back,
May the oven shine warm upon your face,
May the steam fall softly upon your loaves,
And until we meet again,
May God punch-and-fold* you in the palm of His hand.

Notes: We came up with this in the bakery one day, modeling it after the Old Irish Blessing, “May the Road Rise to Meet You…” *Some bakers liked “mold,” implying God is shaping you, but I like “fold” or “punch-and-fold” which implies God is punching you down, and adding strength, so that you can rise again, even better than you were before!

Science Fair

Here is my friend Mary’s niece, whose exhibit on the science of bread won her science fair:

MiscellanyScienceFair   MiscellanyScienceFair2

Photos from Dad

Here are my dad’s photos of “Emily on the Bread Tour.” Needless to say, he is retired:

MiscellanyBreadTour  MiscellanyBreadTour2  MiscellanyBreadTour3  MiscellanyBreadTour4