Summer News

Summer is in full swing, with enough news to report to warrant a blog post.

students in class holding bread
The class with some of our bread

In June, I taught my annual Science of Bread class at the Campbell Folk School. As usual, the students were inspiring in their love of bread and the recipes they tackled. I wrote a guest blog post about the class and the accompanying life lessons, which you can read here:

I’ll be unexpectedly teaching again at the Folk School this October, covering Carla’s “Baking Traditional Breads” class October 15–21. This is not my usual science-focused class, and I’m excited to practice some new recipes and to rework my usual lessons for a non-science audience. You can read more and register for the class here:

Alicia Stemper, the author of Orange County’s Vitamin O blog, interviewed me for a post. Vitamin O highlights “the robust and wonderful people who make Orange County, North Carolina strong”! Her post is coming in August. Update: here it is!

view of river with picnic table
The view from my rental; sometimes I wrote at the picnic table!

This month, I created a writing retreat for myself by staying for four night’s in a friend’s rental cottage on the Niantic River in Connecticut. (I grew up just across the river, and was up that way to visit friends.) I also took the train, which provided many more hours with my laptop. With so much quiet time to write, I finished the revision of the draft of my romance novel, which I initially wrote during NaNoWriMo last November. Several friends are now reading the draft to provide feedback, and I am beginning to look into the world of romance writers and publishers.

dining room with big table
The dining room table, where I did most of my writing

And finally, the arrival of Modernist Bread is approaching! I was awed to see my name listed among the names of the other contributors, such big names in the bread world, in the Kitchen Arts and Letters newsletter. Read it here: