Breaking News: I Quit My Job

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So I have some big news: I quit my day job. For years, I’ve dreamed of having more time for my writing, editing, and self-publishing tasks. Ideas have piled up on Post-it notes on the wall by my desk. This month, I finally did it. Soon I’ll be 100% self-employed and plan to spend time on building my editing business, pursuing my romance writing, updating my bike trip memoir, and renewing my involvement in the bread community.

More Editing

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Freelance editing is one way I plan to pay the bills without a day job. I’ve been editing academic papers (mostly in science) since 2013. Many of the papers are for authors whose primary language is not English, and I’m able to help them transform their writing to be understood by English speakers. I love this work as it’s a way for me to contribute to science without being in a lab.

In addition to research papers, I’ve written and edited all kinds of materials, from test passages to medical brochures to fiction novels. I hope to keep expanding the types of materials I edit and the levels of editing I provide. My editing website is

Romance Writing

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I’ve written three drafts of novels since 2014 and learned a lot about the craft of writing and the business of publishing. My novels had three different genres, so I decided to focus on the fantasy romance genre first, using my middle name, Jane. For me, writing in this genre is a chance to write heroines who learn to believe in and value themselves; I can share with readers lessons I’ve learned and explore issues I still struggle with. I also decided to try a traditional publishing path, knowing that my debut novel might not “fit in” enough for any traditional publisher to take it on. In that case, self-publishing is an option.

In July I attended the national Romance Writers of America conference, where I met other authors and pitched my novel to agents and editors. I was excited to find that people in the business are excited for fantasy romances with less violence and less aggressive heroines. I’m currently following up with contacts I made. I’m also looking for ways to connect with other fantasy romance readers and writers. And, I’m planning to participate in National Novel Writing Month in November to draft the sequel. My romance author website is

Somewhere and Nowhere Update

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In 2017 I self-published a memoir of my cross-country bicycle trip, Somewhere and Nowhere. I regretted some of the decisions I made in the process, mainly not having a cover designed by a professional. This summer I had a new cover designed, which I plan to use on the ebook as soon as I have time. I also rewrote the book’s blurb, hoping to better convey the contents to potential readers.

At the conference in July, I met the owner of Draft2Digital (D2D), one of the many companies that work with authors to self-publish ebooks. I’d meant to look into D2D as a way to expand my ebooks’ availability to more platforms, and talking to the owner made me feel positive about using that company. So I have an “ebook overhaul” on my to-do list as I upload the updated versions and try out D2D.

A future step is to explore print-on-demand options as a way to have print books available with the new cover, while still selling my stockpile of traditionally printed books with the original cover. I’d like to do this if only to learn about print-on-demand, which I have not yet used.

More Bread Science

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Since publishing Bread Science in 2006, I’ve managed to keep teaching a handful of bread classes each year, but otherwise I have not been as involved as I’d like in the bread-baking community. I miss keeping up with news, researching bread topics, and presenting science material in simple language on my blog. Once I get some of the above items done, I hope to spend some time getting back into bread. I’d like to learn more about topics like what current research is saying about gluten or sprouted grains, and as always, to share what I learn. I’d like to attend more bread and fermentation events, as a teacher or vendor. I know opportunities exist to network with other bakers online. (I also hope to have time to actually make bread again!)

This might be a longer ways off but it is on my planner. My currently inactive food blog is here:


9 responses to “Breaking News: I Quit My Job”

  1. Angie McMann Avatar
    Angie McMann

    That’s fantastic, Emily! I’m cheering for you. If that’s your new cover for your bike adventures – it looks fantastic! And I can’t wait to read your novel!

    1. Thanks Angie! Yep, that’s the new cover. Getting it uploaded at the various ebook sites has been super exciting.

  2. Thomas Cappiello Avatar
    Thomas Cappiello

    Good luck with all that! Its great to be one own’s boss, esp if you are good at being supervise. You maybe missing great Facebook palaver on autolyse-ing, and other topics no one knows anything about. Perhaps you could intervene at some point, establish a like-mindedness among amateur (and pro) bakers.

    1. Thanks Thomas! I’ll have to check out all the ongoing online discussions.

  3. I’m so excited that you’re getting back to bread! I recently read Bread Science and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d love to read more of it, especially about sourdough. There seems to be some research that suggests sourdough has lower glycemic index. I’d like to know if there is much substance to the claim sourdough is a healthier option, compared to yeasted white bread.

    1. I’m also excited to learn more about this topic. I remember reading one article that said, as you mentioned, that sourdough has a lower glycemic index. But then I read another article in which it depended on the person eating: some people saw their blood sugar spike with yeasted bread, white or wheat flour, while others saw it occur with sourdough. It would be great to read and compile all the research into a summary.

      1. Upendra Avatar

        Indeed, I read that too. Waiting for your posts on the same. Cheers!

  4. Jennifer Weingardt Avatar
    Jennifer Weingardt

    I left my day job 10 years ago to pursue my dream as a writer and author. It’s been a bumpy ride, but I haven’t looked back. It has been worth it. Good luck to you! I have many science research-minded family members who are likely in need of your editorial services. I will share your link with them.

    1. Thank you for your words of support, Jennifer. Hearing that other people never regretted a similar decision means a lot to me.

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