New Book Is Almost Here

proofs of Somewhere and NowhereThis week I received my proofs from the printer!

Other than the cover being a bit brighter than anticipated, they look like I hoped they would. But instead of being excited, I just feel mildly sick. Was I crazy to write such a personal memoir to share with the public? Have I failed to protect the privacy of anyone, in spite of how careful I was with details? Is it bad that I have no marketing plan?

Then I remembered that this was pretty much how I felt in the months leading up to the bike trip: Was I crazy? Had I forgotten something major? Was it foolish not to have more of a plan? And the bike trip turned out to be the most positive, life-changing undertaking of my life. So probably this book will turn out to be okay, too.

I have since decided to plan a book launch party. The library often hosts them, so I wouldn’t have to find a willing bookstore (which might be hard because the book is self-published), and I probably have enough friends who’d come that the room wouldn’t be awkwardly empty.

So stay tuned! The book should soon be here.