Bread-making Video Series

Hi everyone, I hope you all are staying safe and getting by okay this spring. I wanted to post because I finally uploaded some bread-making videos.

About the Videos

screen capture of bread-making video playlist page, showing the videos in a columnI had the idea to record some of the lessons from my bread-making class, if the class was canceled. I don’t particularly like being recorded, and also I don’t have a terribly nice kitchen. But I started seeing more and more bread-making on Twitter, and friends started texting for help, so making videos seemed worthwhile.

I finally was able to take a week off last week, and I finished six videos: some basic information about ingredients and recipes, two science lessons, and a discussion of preferments. There is also a tutorial of me making English muffins. (This was my “test run” video, where I learned to use iMovie.)

four English muffins on a plateI also have a bunch more footage and hope to post videos soon about kneading by hand and in a machine, followed by shaping, baking, and sourdough starter. (But, I’m back at work now, so it might take a little longer. But I have some momentum!)

You can see the playlist of all the videos here:

Watch Here

I’ve embedded the playlist below, so if you want to watch the whole series, press play.

Other News

chart showing word count progressing over two month period, with line to show average neededI’ve been lucky to have editing work (which I do at home anyway), so the stay-at-home rules have not been a burden on me. I did start a new fiction novel in April, and have been trying to do a little each day with a goal of finishing 50,000 words by the end of May. I’m using a Nanowrimo project to track my progress (see curve). The flat places are where I took a few days off to revise a different novel, in order to enter a contest with it, and where I made the videos.
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As always, feel free to send me an email and say hello. Stay well and please take care of yourself.