Hello, Spring

It’s a weird time right now with the coronavirus spreading in America. While I’ve been lucky to have work, being more isolated has given me some extra time, so I wanted to share some plans.

Bread Events

The Asheville Bread Festival has been cancelled. I’m waiting to hear about my upcoming Folk School class, but it seems likely to be cancelled as well.

bowl of starter (with dramatic shadows)In anticipation of not being able to teach this spring, I thought of trying to make some videos of bread-making lessons, like basic kneading or oven tips. So stay tuned for that.

Two friends texted this week to ask about sourdough starter. Making a starter and bread is a great activity to do at home with kids! So after texting instructions twice, I posted instructions online here: https://www.twobluebooks.com/simple-sourdough-starter/. I’m hoping to write a few more basic guides that might be useful to people stuck at home; I’ll write again if/when I do.

I’m not sure if there is space left in my fall bread class; there were a few spots last time I checked, but it has been a while (and a lot has happened). I have two classes scheduled in 2021: Baking Traditional Bread, April 4–10, 2021, and The Science of Bread, October 10–16, 2021. (Registration should open this summer.)

Fiction Writing News

coffee cup drawing and text, "I wrote a novel...now what? I'm revising my novel"I’ve been querying agents with story #1 of my romance series, and revising story #2. I just started drafting story #3 this week. Realistically, I don’t think the series has much chance of being traditionally published, because it does not fit neatly into any of the genres that already exist. But, I wanted to follow through with trying the agent route.

I’m actually excited to self-publish for many reasons. One reason is a recent idea I had to produce two versions of each book: regular and PG rated. That way, readers who don’t like reading love scenes could still read the books. The freedom of self-publishing would enable me to do this.

For more details about my fiction, please visit https://janebuehler.com and subscribe for updates (I don’t send them often so I won’t fill your inbox).


magazine cover showing Emily in front of a bookshelfI was the “featured family” in the local Heart of Hillsborough magazine this past month! It was a lot of fun, especially working with the photographer, Barbara Bell (https://barbarabellphotography.com) and the content coordinator, Christina Hallock. The magazine is not available online, but you can see the article here (PDF).

I’ll leave it at that. Stay safe and healthy!